Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Night Time Routine | Products and Tips

Helloooo, it's me! And I'm about to share my most cherished moment of the day. Right before I get into bed and close my eyes for some well-deserved sleep, I take part in a sacred ritual, one many girls are familiar with. The getting-ready-for-bed session.

Some may deem this part of the day as chore-like or unnecessary... However, I view these evening allotments a time of utmost importance and frankly, a moment to just think about me (however vain that may sound.. eek). But what is it that I do during these precious minutes?

Well, on the average day I shall begin by cleansing my face to reveal the natural me beneath the makeup - don't worry, I don't wear a mask of makeup everyday but this step is unmissable, as it lets your skin breathe by removing dirt and dead skin cells.

I began by splashing my face with warm water and removing my eye makeup, gently, with cotton pads and Nivea's double effect eye makeup remover - so far, it's the most effective one I have found.
I then cleanse my face and remove the rest of the makeup using Clean&Clear's deep action cream cleanser. I have found this has done wonders for my skin - which is naturally quite oily and prone to outbreaks.
I will then rinse this off with cold water and pat my skin dry.
 The next step is a toner. I use SebaMed Clear Face deep cleansing facial toner - for acne prone skin - which is great at combatting spots but can dry out your face if not paired with a moisturiser.
So, I apply a wonderful moisturiser which I am absolutely in love with! It is Clean&Clear Dual Action Mosturiser - and it keeps your skin moisturised while combatting spots (yay ^_^).
Furthermore, if I have developed any particularly pesky spots that day, I dab a small amount of Avène's TriAcnéal spot cream on the problem areas. I find this really effective however if used excessively it can dry out your skin a lot, so I only use it on the nastiest of spots!  
This next step is a fault in my part and a call-out to you guys. Currently, I am in desperate need for an under-eye moisturiser that will help me eradicate my dark circles so if you have any great suggestions do let me know! At this step of my night-time routine, I tend to cheat and apply some Vaseline to my under-eyes and lips to keep them extra nourished and moisturised while I sleep.
Finally, I tend to my hands. I begin with massaging a heavenly cuticle oil into my nails, which is called Kiss rejuvenate nail and cuticle oil. Not only is it fantastic at it's job, but it smells lovely!
I then end the routine with some gorgeous smelling Cath Kidston handcream - my favourite of the set being Wild Rose.
So that makes up my night time routine, what about you? Do you have any favourite products or suggestions when getting ready for bed?


Unknown said...

I read this because I had to. As a guy I just brush my teeth and go to bed. Seems so much easier.

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