Sunday, 4 August 2013

A Fun Blogging Post Challenge | Try it Out!

So, I was milling around the Internet, as I always do in the middle of the night...
And I came across this wonderful woman!
She makes me laugh and she creates unique and hilarious posts :)
Annnndddd she inspired me to create my very own gif post!
And I want you to make one too!
That's right. So your task is to create a post using a series of gifs that sum up what your blog is about... (you can get loads of gifs here:
Here's mine:
My blog is about beauty...
With HowTo's on hair.
Some makeup tips and tricks.
A few words on fashion.
And a little pinch of crazy-blonde-cat-lady.
But I'm quite new in the blogging world.
 So I'm still finding my niche... but to be honest, I'm just here to have some fun :)

There you go! Now, it's your turn! Put a link to your post in the comments below :)


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