Sunday, 4 August 2013

Beauty Fact of the Day #2 | Hair Colour!

On average, different natural hair colours have different numbers of hairs on their head!
Blonde = 140,000
Brunette = 110,000
Black = 108,000
Red-head = 80,000

Well, I guess that makes me a big-haired blonde! That would explain why I struggle so much with frizzyness - I spend most of my morning flattening and conditioning my knotted locks.
What's your natural hair colour? :P


Anonymous said...

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Fiona said...

i love love love your background! so pretty :)
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Unknown said...

Thanks to both of you :) and I'm always happy to look at other blogs so of course ^_^ x

Unknown said...

I love how you put gifs on your posts. Check out my blog if you can? X

Unknown said...

Hehe thanks :) will do :P x

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