Friday, 26 July 2013

Introduction to Blogger | Hi!

Dear Reader,

I thought it suitable to begin my time here on Blogger with an introduction of myself and my partner in crime, Calvin.

To be honest, I am a typical crazy blonde, driven by emotion and passionate for winning, due to a streak of inherited-from-Dad competitiveness. I love to be challenged and taken to the edge, but like every energetic extrovert, I have my quiet moments where only the gentle murmur of a happy cat may be heard in my presence.

Having lived in Singapore and Dubai for most of my life - one a tropical paradise, the other a desert haven - I long for the seasons of England and the feeling of sitting by a fire with a mug of hot chocolate while the white winter wonderland sets itself in place. However, I do fear that my idealistic view of an English winter has been romanticised by one-too-many old lovey-dovey films.

Hot Cocoa in Snow -

But enough of me, I think it's time you should meet Calvin, my best and only friend (just kidding..). Calvin - a teddy bear at heart - has the appearance of a wild desert cat, with short, ginger fur, tiger stripes, leopard spots, and crocodile eyes. He has experienced tragedy and loss, come close to starvation, and developed a timid personality, but despite this he has remained a loyal and cuddly pet, and often sleeps cradled in my arms like a soft toy. If you are reading this and you are not a cat lover, then you have probably determined that am I just a crazy cat-lady. Well, you're probably right, but I love him so that's that.

Curled up and trying to sleep ♥

Now that you've come to learn a lot of random information about a stranger and her cat, I'll let you in on a little sneak peak of what's to come. I'll probably write plenty more about Calvin, as he's my muse - or should that be mewse... haha - as well as product/movie reviews, jibber-jabber on different countries and cities, artsy-fartsy stuff, and talking about food, as well as lots more :P

So, if you're still reading this, then... wow... and thank you! And I hope I wasn't too boring. Please leave a comment or question or maybe if you just want me to check out your blog(s), I'd be more than happy :) Byeeeeeeeeeeeee,

Izzy ♥ - Life, love, and laughter.

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Unknown said...

Hey hunny welcome to the world of blogging :)
Hope u have as much fun as we have so far.

Look forward to reading more about you and calvin we will be back to check out your next post .

L&C xx

Unknown said...

Dont forget to add your follow button hunny so we can find you easily to check back in

L&C xx

kate whitaker said...

Izzy this is beautifully written and very engaging!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for your kind words, and I will add such a button once I have figured out how!

Thanks again, Izzy ♥

Unknown said...

Thank you so much, as are your posts. And the idea of a blog about 1000 things to do in a lifetime is so unique and interesting!

Thanks again, Izzy ♥

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