Saturday, 27 July 2013

Healthy Alternatives at Snack Time | Dried Fruit Energy Nuggets

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This post is focused on a delicious little recipe for dried fruit energy nuggets - found on the BBC good food website. Here is the link:

It's no surprise that these scrumptious balls of goodness are found under the Food for Athletes section, containing a mixture of fruits, seeds and coconut oil. It will likely come as no shock to you that I am not very athletic, and most certainly would not consider myself an athlete, however these energy nuggets are a perfect substitute to my usual snack-time items.

Previously, I would indulge myself - guiltily - in an abundance of cookies and chocolates. Don't worry, I'm not completely oblivious to my body's cries for health. Often, I would opt for the richer and healthier dark-chocolate choice - proven by scientists to be good for your heart, brain, and other areas of your body (learn more at when eaten in small quantities and paired with regular exercise... oh dear. 
Learn about how dark chocolate can help prevent heart attacks here:

However, recently, I have been able to shake off my guilty fears and break free from my chocolate-chomping habits while still being able to satisfy my sweet tooth. Snack time is a time for recharging my batteries and these balls of energy give the perfect blend of yumminess, healthiness, and filling me up just enough to last till my next meal.

So, try them out, tell me what you think, and experiment with different recipes. Personally, along with coconut oil, I like to add coconut flakes into the mix to liven up the texture. Thanks for reading, I hope this was beneficial to you and if you enjoyed this then tell me and I'll write about more tips on achieving a healthier lifestyle! As always, feel free to leave a link to your blog along with your comment and I'll be more than happy to check it out :)

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