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Life in Dubai | A Buzzing Desert City

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Due to the long post I wrote yesterday - which took me too many hours to complete - today I have opted to do a series of short posts, focusing on Dubai, my current city of residence.

In a city that buzzes as much as Dubai, you can not help but live on the fast-lane. The lives of people around you are stuck on fast forward and before long, your neighbours are married, your best friend's off to college, and your cousin has children... But you can't help but feel young in this city - which is so young itself, having developed in only the last 50 years. What's more, it's rare to find a head of grey hair in this metropolis, or a familiar face for that matter, as people come and go like fashion trends - by the way, big prints are so in right now.

Dubai roads and skyscrapers

Dubai is a haven for the wealthy, with million dollar houses, high-street designer brands, and - this one being a plus for everyone - this desert paradise comes tax-free! But you don't need a bulging wallet to love this land, Dubai is the epitome of growth and success and attracts those desiring a fresh start. With business booming - despite the recent crash - entrepreneurs rush to make their mark and skyscrapers rise out of the sand every day, waiting to be filled by eager expats.

Shopping at Dubai Mall

But this is the side of Dubai everyone hears about, along with multiple tourist attractions - including the tallest building in the world (currently, I think China's rushing to beat us), waterparks, a giant indoor ski slope, and shopping malls with every brand name available - however, there are hidden jewels of culture hidden among this modern metropolis. For example, take a trip to Old Dubai, and you'll find souks full of vibrant colours, handmade fabrics, exotic spices, and of course, gold!

Shops in a souk in Dubai

Furthermore, if you wish to cross the Dubai creek, - the birth place of this city - you can hop on a traditional Dhow (once used as sailing boats for pearl divers) and sail across the warm, glistening waters. Despite the large influx of tourists and overseas immigrants, the Dubai government has been inviting and aware of it's populations needs - unlike some of its geographical neighbours - which has resulted in a great variety of cultures and nationalities.

Dhow cruise on Dubai creek

So, I would consider life in Dubai a pleasant experience, and - along with many long-lasting residents - watching this city grow has been magical and astounding. Of course, there is so much more that I could say about this bustling urban kingdom, and I will provide further updates in the future. My next post shall be aimed at tourists and will hopefully help you answer the question 'should you visit Dubai?'.

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this and please leave a comment if you have any questions about Dubai or just to provide feedback, so I don't feel like I'm just talking to myself :P Again, if you want me to check out your blog then write it down and I will pop by!

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